Care At Work


Everyone can be productive at work

Custom-Recruited, Full-Time Care Partners for People with ALS and MS

We Provide

One-on-one personal assistance for high-need individuals


  • Transportation to and from work

  • Arrival & departure assistance

  • Getting around the office and campus

  • Toileting

  • Dining

  • Home services available

Custom-recruited team members for each specific individual


  • Fully in-house developed, gold standard 52-step recruiting & onboarding process

  • Credentialed

  • HHA ~ Home Health Aide

  • CNA ~ Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Enable and empower employees with unparallelled support

  • Deliver and demonstrate a superior level of commitment to the company’s core values

  • Recruit from an historically untapped workforce

  • Inspire people by demonstrating the company’s commitment to them

  • Demonstrate unparalleled commitment to current and prospective employees, and all other stakeholders

  • Demonstrate global leadership in human resource development

  • Reduce risk of injury to employees

  • Enable greater productivity

Benefits For Employers

Benefits For Employees

What they’re saying

  • I feel an unparalleled level of support in my workplace

  • My employer is truly committed to my well-being

  • I’m safer now with this assistance

  • I ‘m more productive

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Superior Training

  • OptionONE orientation & training

  • Customized training specific to each individual

  • Continuing education for all staff

  • Annual required training and required certifications


Professional & Discreet

Selected with highly targeted criteria

  • Compassionate

  • Fit in to the company culture and structure

  • Attention to detail

Our Care Partners

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